Storit - Stor-it won't leave me alone

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I had a locker for 17 years with Stor-it 7800W. State street,Boise Idaho.83714

when I went to get my stuff the roof had leaked on it,the manager said he had only been there for a month,I informed him I was done with them and vacating the locker, I also wrote them multiple times that I was done with them, they keep sending me bills 9 months later,and at 6:30 In the morning on Mar.3 Some woman called me from there,Screaming and yelling for me To stop harrassing her employees, I have No idea what she was going on about,and she would not listen to me trying to tell her that I had vacated the Locker last May.

This storage facility is a huge mess, the management is apparently mentally ill and incapable of being proffesional, I would wish they would leave me be. I owe them nothing and am considering sueing them for failing to provide secure storage facilities

Thank you, Dave Baker

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Heres to see this.Do you remember which unit it was?

I just got my stuff out and my son's matress is ruined.I was in E 15.

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